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Ride On The Voice Of God - Part 2

October 29, 2020

I’ve been asking Father about His word to me, “you ride on the voice of God”. I know that Part 1 was just that, a part. (If you haven't read it, you can find it here). It was the surface, and while I am grateful for the word and the ability to skim the surface, I know God wants us to go deeper. And I’m ready to dive! Are you? Cool! Let’s go!

Contrary to what has been told, Adam did NOT walk with the voice of God in the cool of the day! Adam HID from the voice of God! Sorry, not sorry. I must tell the truth.

In order to tell the truth about the voice of God, let’s start with the very first time we are introduced to His voice in the Bible. The first time we are introduced to the voice of God is in Genesis 3:8. Prior to this, Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit which caused their opens to be opened, awareness of their nakedness and the sewing together of the fig leaves. This wasn’t a peaceful moment in the lives of Adam and Eve. Truthfully, this wasn’t a peaceful moment for the garden either. The earth was terrified! It had been through catastrophe before and I’m sure, it was shuddering that it would experience another catastrophe again and so soon after it was resurrected. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve were afraid, embarrassed and exposed. They were anxious and probably trembling as they plucked off fig leaves and tried to figure out how to attach them together to form a covering. And it was in this emotional, mental and physical state that they hear….da da da, the Voice of God.

Adam and his wife heard the voice of God and in response, they hid themselves. Actually, the word for hid that is used here is akin to withdraw. The voice of God was calling to them, albeit aggressively, yet His voice was still calling. This was the first time that they experienced the anger of God and His anger, added to their shame, fear and ignorance to the heart of God solidified their decision that it was best to withdraw from their Creator. It’s unfortunate that all of those fruits in the garden prevented Adam and Eve from entering into the revelation that can only be obtained once one tastes and sees that it is the LORD who is good! To them, He was only their Creator. They didn’t even understand that He was their Provider.

While they were in the garden, Adam and Eve never got the revelation that God was more than the One who formed and fashioned them from the dirt. How do we know this? By their reaction to hearing the voice of God. His voice exposed, then and now, the shallow depths of their relationship with Him. Unfortunately, this heart condition of not being anchored and strengthened in the intimate knowledge of God still exists in the earth today. It is the responsibility for those who ride upon the voice of God to bring revelation that God is more than who we have relegated Him to be. Yes, He is our Creator. He is also our Father. He is also our King, our Provider, our Redeemer, our Husband and our Friend. He is our Grace, our Mercy and our Peace.

It is via the Intimate knowledge of the revealed attributes of God that will allow us to, when being confronted by His voice, bow in His presence. If you will notice, Adam and Eve didn’t even bow in the presence of God! That’s how devoid of understanding they were! The only two humans on the face of the earth, who had unfettered access to God, didn’t know Him enough to bow before Him. Nevertheless, that lack of intimacy wasn’t entirely their fault. They weren’t ready to be intimate with God; I mean, they were only just created! Even though Ezekiel 16:7-8 is describing the growth of Israel in the spirit, it can also be used to teach us that Adam and Eve were not yet ready for intimacy with Him.

“I made you grow like a plant of the field. You grew and developed and entered puberty. Your breasts had formed and your hair had grown, yet you were stark naked. Later, I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love, I spread the corner of My garment over you and covered your naked body. I gave you My solemn oath and entered into a covenant with you, declares the Sovereign Lord, and you became Mine” - Ezekiel 16:7-8 NIV Version. Emphasis is mine

Adam and Eve were naked. They hadn’t reached the time of love, as the King James Version calls it, therefore, they remained naked and uncovered. They hadn’t reached the time of being covered by God and entering into the marriage covenant with Him. They were not His. The devil struck before they could even intimately know God! How many of us have witnessed the devil strike our family members and friends before they can get into the intimate things of God? I have and it is frustratingly heartbreaking.

Adam and Eve withdrew. If they withdrew from God, then we should expect that people will also withdraw from us as we bring forth the voice of God. As God said, “they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not be King over them” - 1Samuel 8:7 AMPC.

We understand that they withdrrew, now we must look to WHERE they withdrew. The Bible says, they hid AMONGST the trees. In the past, I always took this at face value and so, in my mind, I pictured Adam and Eve climbing into a tree and hiding on a branch amongst the foliage. But no, that’s not the picture that God is showing us.

Let’s look at the word AMONGST, because the revelation of this word puts a whole ‘nother spin to the story! The word AMONGST in the Hebrew is Tavek (H8432) and it means, to sever. SEVER! Sever means, “to put or keep apart: divide; to become separated”. So, THIS is the moment where they became SEVERED from God. Here is where we see the first instance of the dividing of the soul and the spirit! Literally. The voice of God exposes sin and the heart to such a magnitude that not only will one devoid of intimacy begin to withdraw from God, but they will actually begin to AMPUTATE their soul from their spirit so as to sever their connection to Him as well! That is petrifyingly appalling! And it still happens to this day.

When we neglect prayer, we are severing our connection to God. When we neglect praise and worship, we are amputating ourselves from God. When we neglect study of His word, we are amputating ourselves from God. Have you ever had a friend who you were extremely close too. Yet, over time, the dynamics of that relationship slowly changed as you drifted further apart? Often, we attribute the drift as “we’re just heading in different directions” as we realize that we no longer have the same desires, dreams and goals with our “friend”. That is how we sever relationship with God too. When our desires, dreams and goals no longer match those of God, then we start to lose interest and value in the relationship. But, always remember, He is God. And it is not He who must come into agreement with us, but rather, we are to come into agreement with Him. His desires, dreams and goals for our lives must become ours in order for our relationship with Him to be fruitful and united.

(Still in the vein of the trees. Now, this isn’t Holy Ghost, this is Reina speaking. I wonder which tree Adam and Eve severed? The Bible doesn’t specifically state but, I once read something that intrigued me. “The cedar tree became a temple”. Imagine if Adam and Eve severed a cedar tree, or metaphorically, they severed their connection to the temple of God. And the voice of God was coming to cleanse and restore the connection to, not only Adam and Eve, but to His temple! Like I said, this isn’t Holy Ghost but just something I find intriguing and will most definitely be pulling on Him to see if He will reveal it to me.)

I would like to share one more thing before we depart and that is regarding the apron as found in Genesis 3:7. Once Adam and Eve discovered they were naked, “they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons” - Genesis 3:7 KJV. That word apron is an interesting word. In the Hebrew, this word it is Chagar (H2290) and it means “armour”. We know that Adam was prophetic; whatever he named the animals, so they were. So, with his prophetic mind, he understood that he was about to go to battle against God. And he armed himself with fear, rightfully so, because it truly “is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”! - Hebrews 10:31 KJV.

This was meaty but guess what, there is MORE! There is still much to be taught regarding His voice in the garden which we’ll uncover next week, God willing. Until then, stay fine-tuned!

Love you!



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