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Ride On the Voice of God

The other day, I asked a prophetic minstrel to approach Father’s throne and capture His sound for Harmonizing Hearts In Christ. As with all things, this ministry has a unique sound that I, and the world, need to hear. He agreed to ask Father and release the sound, if he received it, to me. I can’t express how excited I was and I went to sleep with this excitement on my heart.

That night, Father spoke to me in a dream and after He spoke, He immediately pulled me out of the dream so that I could be sure to recall His words. He said, “you ride on My voice”. Amazing, right?! I don’t take it for granted that He speaks to me and I am amazed by every word that He gives me! I surely didn’t understand it, but I was too pumped to have heard the voice of God!

So, in my analytical and logical mind, I began to spend some time researching the “voice”. Google is my friend, ok, but Google isn’t God. And I needed to hear what God said about “voice”. Google has great articles on voice, yet, it was the definition from God Himself that made me just fall out.

What then is the Voice of the Lord? Holy Ghost led me to Psalm 29:3-9.

His Voice is upon the waters. Authority.

His Voice is powerful.

His Voice is full of majesty.

His Voice breaks cedars.

His Voice makes skip

His Voice divides the flames of fire.

His Voice shakes the wilderness.

His Voice causes birth.

His Voice exposes and strips bare.

I almost want to just end right here and soak in the harmonies of each manifestation of His voice. Truthfully, I already did soak in it prior to writing this post so, if you need to stop reading and soak, do you Boo! Just come back and finish reading when you come back down!

Are you back? Cool!

Can you hear the distinction in the sounds that corresponds to each of His manifested voices? The same tones that He uses to voice birth sound dramatically different to the tones that He uses to divide the flames of fire. However, His authority, power and majesty can be heard in all frequencies of His voice. I’m not a musician but even I can hear the blending of His authority, power and majesty which are the base of His voice. Listen. Do you hear it?

To me, it sounds like the colors purple, silver and gold. It sounds like every precious stone, preciously cut and impeccably polished, as it reflects and dances in the light. It sounds like a gentle river lapping and laughing as it goes forth.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in His word that we miss, and/or neglect, His voice. Father wants me to expose the danger in doing that by focusing our eyes on the Prophet Elijah. When Elijah ran from Jezebel to the cave at Horeb, he heard, interacted with and responded to, the word of God. The word of God asked him, why are you here? And, unimpressed with Elijah’s response, God spoke a word that instructed Elijah to stand on the mountain before God. We know the story. God passed by, and in so doing, His movement caused the mountain to bust up. His movement caused the earth to quake and the volcanoes to erupt. It wasn’t His word that did these things but these natural occurrences were triggered by His movement only. Truthfully, this movement of God scared Elijah so bad that he went from standing on the mountain to hiding back inside the cave! (Look at verse 11 when God told him to stand ON the mountain and compare it to verse 13 where we see that Elijah “went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave”). It was here that we find Elijah intently waiting on the word of God. All throughout his ministry, he moved by the word of God. So imagine his surprise that instead of receiving a word, he heard the still small voice of God.

Now, when we go back and review the sound of God’s voice from Psalm 29, we quickly see, there is nothing still nor small about it. So the question then becomes, what did Elijah hear? Elijah heard nothing. He heard silence. Up until this point, Elijah was dependent upon the word of God. But here, standing in front of this cave with only the last word he had received, he realized how desperately he needed not just the word of God, but he needed the voice of God. This is important for us today; we have the Bible which is the Word of God however, without His voice, we are like Elijah, sitting in His silence. And slowly, losing our minds.

There is a place in Minnesota that holds the world’s quietest place on earth. It is an anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories and it is so quiet that the amount of sound in that chamber is actually NEGATIVE decibels! Scientists report that the longest anyone has been able to endure in this chamber is 45 minutes. This room is so quiet that the silence drives people crazy! This is the still small voice that Elijah heard. This is the nothingness that Elijah heard. And it messed Elijah up so badly that he had to wrap his face in his prayer mantle. Elijah went into strong supplications and pleaded for the VOICE of God. He had to pray to God to release His voice so that he wouldn’t lose his mind. That is how critical the voice of God is in our lives.

Sure, I could go all analytical here and bust out the dictionary definitions of a few words. And, yes, I’m going analytical but minus the “all analytical” part lol. One particular definition of voice really struck me. It is defined as “an instrument or medium of expression; wish, choice, or opinion openly or formally expressed (i.e., the voice of the people); right of expression (also: influential power)”. It is an instrument. A word is an instrument, but a word isn’t the only instrument used to to express the voice. Silence, as Prophet Elijah experienced and I’m sure so many of us here have experienced it too, is also an instrument God sometimes uses to express His voice. And His silence is maddening!

We, the Bride of Christ, His ekklesia, ride on His voice. We are the instrument He uses to express His wishes, choices and opinions and we have His right to speak. As such, we must know His word. And we must add to the knowledge of His word the knowledge of His voice. Absent the voice of God, Prophet Elijah understood that no matter how zealous he was for the things of God, he couldn’t be used as an instrument by God. Saul discovered that too. As a devout and dedicated student of the scriptures, Saul knew the word of God. But when he heard the VOICE of God on that Damascus road, he had to ask, “Who art thou, Lord”? Acts 9:4-5.

Ride on the voice of God!

In His Love,



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