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SET YOURSELVES! - Spiritual Warfare Strategy

“Ye shall not need to fight in this battle; set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you” – 2Chronicles 20:17

I love this scripture, and it has been a scripture that I’ve found myself standing the most upon over the past few years as I’ve battled my own spiritual warfare and ministered to those who were in the midst of spiritual warfare of their own. It is so comforting to be told by God that you don’t need to fight any longer, especially if the warfare has been very long and very trying. However, recently God revealed something to me which illuminated this scripture even the more!


I never paid attention to that command until a few days ago. Set yourselves. In the AMPC Version, it reads “take your positions” and from this translation, we can visualize an army of soldiers, each with a specific task, designation and position. A sniper isn’t going to line up on the front lines because his training and skillset calls for him to take his position miles away, in a solitary place, where he can fire off a clean shot without detection. Likewise, a communications analyst isn’t going to be positioned as a rescue helicopter pilot because her training is in analyzing communications, not flying helicopters.

He began to speak to me about how you, as a warrior, are to properly “Set Yourself”:

1. They are PREPARED! They know that a battle is to occur, as a good soldier, they have remained up to date on their training and even increased their tactical skillsets and knowledge. They know HOW to use their weapons, even though they aren’t being required to use them. They are in great health; physically, mentally and emotionally. Remember, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and they include:

a. Word of Truth

b. Power of God

c. Armor of Righteousness

d. Gospel of Peace

e. Shield of Faith

f. Helmet of Salvation

g. Praise

2. They are PRESENT! These soldiers don’t have their heads buried in the sand; consciously or unconsciously aloof to the war that is taking place in their territory. They are alert, active AND from what the scripture reveals, they are on the front line of the action! Or how else would they be able to SEE the salvation of the LORD? They didn’t tuck tail, run and hide no matter how big, how powerful, how scary the enemy looked. No! They mounted a defensive line and stood their ground irrespective of the fact that they were told they wouldn’t have to fight!

3. They are COURAGEOUS! It takes a lot of courage to enter battle. To stare an enemy in the face, to see their weapons, all the while knowing that this person wants to literally kill you is a feat that only a brave warrior can do! But praise His holy name for He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER! God is saying only the powerful warrior, who is not afraid to die fighting for themselves, their families and their communities, need report to duty.


So as I was meditating on this over the past few days, God revealed to me that we have a responsibility to fulfill in order for this battle to be won. God is a God of order, not confusion and He began to show me His divine formula for success in spiritual warfare using the Order of Operations. If we want to see the salvation of the LORD, then we must follow His order!

The formula is ONLY Successful if we operate it like this:

Set Yourselves + Stand Still = See The Salvation of the LORD

The formula is NOT Successful if we operate it like this:

Stand Still + Set Yourselves = See The Salvation of the LORD

We have to DO THE WORK! And our work must be done BEFORE we can stand still have God take over!


He said to me, a lot of my children aren’t set. They aren’t prepared, they aren’t present and because of that, they will not be able to operate in My power! They haven’t kept their houses (our bodies which is the home of the Holy Ghost) in order so I can’t come into the battle and fight for them!

Tell My children, SET YOURSELVES!

We are entering a season of the Power of God made manifest through the intense spiritual warfare that many of us will be dragged into! However, God is saying that miracles, signs and wonders are going to multiply amongst the men and women of God who DO what His word tells us! But we must be faithful and unafraid of war! And, we must be obedient to follow His divine order exactly as revealed!


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